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Chúng tôi để điều kiện bán bằng tiếng Anh. Nếu khách hàng có yêu cầu gì xin vui lòng viết cho chúng tôi theo địa chỉ sau:  hoặc

Terms and Conditions

1. Generality
The general terms and conditions described as below are an integral part of any contract to provide the service between an individual or an entity (commonly referred to as "Client") and NAM PHUC TOURIST. The conclusion of the contract by the client with NAM PHUC TOURIST implies that the client has read, understood and accepted these conditions of sale. The partnership contract between NAM PHUC TOURIST and a travel agency submit, in turn, to special conditions negotiated and agreed between the parties.

2. Services
The services provided by NAM PHUC TOURIST include the implementation of travel program which is predesigned by us and accepted by the client or is designed in consultation with the client, while taking into account the specific needs of the latter.
NAM PHUC TOURIST is committed to provide to the client all the services listed in the travel program designed on the basis of the mutual agreement with the latter.
NAM PHUC TOURIST is nevertheless willing to provide certain services related to the specific request of the client, such as obtaining an entry visa to Vietnam or preparing logistics activities not included in the program.

3. Validity of offers
All programs which are designed and offered on the website of NAM PHUC TOURIST are valid for the specific period in the program.
The proposed rates are expressed in euro and are valid for the duration specified by NAM PHUC TOURIST in tariff, invoice or other document delivered to the client.
During the validity period, these rates can be adjusted due to unpredictable environmental changes (excessive fluctuation of exchange rates, tax recently enacted, increases in the price of hotels and transport), NAM PHUC TOURIST can not implement the travel program with initial tariff. In these cases, a adjustment request must be made by NAM PHUC TOURIST to the client who can accept or reject it. In case of refus by the client, NAM PHUC TOURIST reserves the right to cancel the program.

4. Orders
If the client has chosen a travel program and would like to order, he must contact NAM PHUC TOURIST by email at or by fax at [0084] []. NAM PHUC TOURIST will confirm the acceptance to the client, who has chosen, within a maximum of one week after receipt of the request.
Once the client has received NAM PHUC TOURIST’s confirmation, he or she has to confirm his order by paying a deposit to NAM PHUC TOURIST up to 30% of the total tour/service cost, by one of the payment methods specified below.
Beneficiary: Cong ty TNHH Du Lich Nam Phuc
Add: To 09, Thuong Thanh, Long Bien, Hanoi
Tel/ Fax: 0084 6557166
Account no: 0011002220654 - Vietcombank - Hanoi (Bank for Foreign Trade of Vietnam)
Add: 198 Tran Quang Khai, Hoan Kiem, Hanoi.
Telex: 411504/411229 VCB - VT
Tel: 84-4-9343137
Fax: 84-4-8269067
Swift: BFTV VNVX (replacing the IBAN)
TGMS: Vietcombank
An invoice will be stablished and sent to the client by e-mail or by fax. The client's order becomes final.

5. Payment of the balance
The client must pay NAM PHUC TOURIST the remaining amount of the total tour/service (70%) at the beginning of the trip (that means upon his arrival in Vietnam) or transfer to the bank account of NAM PHUC TOURIST 15 days before departure. The precise modalities of this payment will be indicated at the time of confirming the order. The client may still pay the total amount before coming to Vietnam, and he has to pay all bank charges.
The paiement of the balance one month before the trip is only required if the tour begins in South Vietnam, unless otherwise specified by NAM PHUC TOURIST. IN case of omission of this obligation without the consent of NAM PHUC TOURIST, the client's order will be deemed void and the provisions in point 7.aa) will be applied.
6. Modifications of orders
Any modification of the order by the client must be received by NAM PHUC TOURIST at least two weeks before the beginning of the trip.

7. Cancellation of orders
a. Cancellation by the client
In case of cancellation of the tour/service, the client has to pay the cancellation fees:
- More than 30 days before arrival: 10% of the tour/service cost.
- 10 to 30 days before arrival: 20% of the tour/service cost.
- 72 hours to 10 days before arrival: 30% of the tour/service cost.
- 48 hours to 72 hours before arrival: 50% of the tour/service cost.
- Less than 48 hours before arrival: 70% of the tour/service cost.
NAM PHUC TOURIST LTD takes the cancellation fees on the deposit paid by the client. She pays the client the remaining amount, if any, by bank transfer to the client who has to pay all bank charges.
The rules mentioned above will be applied whatever is the reason for cancellation.
b. Cancellation by NAM PHUC TOURIST
PHUC TOURIST NAM has the right to cancel the trip upon the occurrence of the force majeure events. These are random, inevitable and irresistible events that make travel impossible or dangerous to the client. In theses cases of cancellation, the client is fully reimbursed and is not be to submit to any penalty.
8. Insurance & Support
NAM PHUC TOURIST LTD is an travel agency, so we do not provide the insurance service.
It is recommended to purchase insurance service from your country.
Any person participating in a tour organized by NAM PHUC TOURIST must purchase insurance for international travel. This insurance is normally purchased by the client in his home country, possibly with advice from NAM PHUC TOURIST, and must be confirmed before the beginning of the tour.
NAM PHUC TOURIST LTD is committed to provide all possible assistance to the client upon the occurrence of events covered by insurance, including the formalities with the competent authorities and the insurer.

9. Exoneration and Limitation of Responsibility
NAM PHUC TOURIST is committed to provide the client all the services mentioned in the travel program.
During the trip, the traveler must follow the rules announced by the guide or any other staff of NAM PHUC TOURIST. These are the rules to ensure client safety and the quality of the travel program.
Any activity who is not mentioned in the travel program, and any law violation committed by him in the host country is not under the responsibility of NAM PHUC TOURIST.
NAM PHUC TOURIST is responsible to the client as an intermediary between the client and the various service providers (plane, hotels, restaurants, boats,...). In any case, NAM PHUC TOURIST will do its best to ensure the best quality of services, but is not confused with the various providers, who are, in any event, responsible for their services.
NAM PHUC TOURIST is not responsible for the consequences resulting from a force majeure event. 

10. Unused services
NAM PHUC TOURIST does not reimburse the costs for the services unused in the program. However, if the journey is interrupted in whole or in part for health reasons, NAM PHUC TOURIST is committed to make every effort to make the service providers reimburse all or part of the cost of unused services.

11. Complaints and dispute resolution
Any complaint related to the implementation of one of the services included in the program must be submitted in writing to NAM PHUC TOURIST within 30 days from the end of the trip. Any dispute between the client and NAM PHUC TOURIST must be solved in priority by negotiation. Both parties should strive to seek an amicable solution to their dispute. If no amicable solution can be found, the court of the place where the contract is concluded will be competent to decide.
The Vietnam International Arbitration Centre under the Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry will be the competent.
12. Payment Terms
The currency: NAM PHUC TOURIST accept the payment in Euro, U.S. dollars or Vietnamese Dong.
The client can choose one of the following payment methods:
A. By bank transfer: all transfer fees are paid by the client.
The bank account details of NAM PHUC TOURIST be sent to the client in case of concluding the contract.
B. By credit card
The payment by credit card is only possible for the balance settlement. The following card types are accepted: Visacard, Mastercard, American Express, JCB Card and Diners Club. The payment by credit card takes place at the office of NAM PHUC TOURIST, all bank charges are paid by the client.
This transaction fee is 3% of the amount for Visa card and Master card, 3.96% for American Express and 3.3% for JCB and Diners Club Card.
C. By cash: The cash payment is made at the office of NAM PHUC TOURIST
D. By travelers cheques card: The payment by travelers cheques card is only possible with the prior agreement of NAM PHUC TOURIST. The client has to pay the transaction fee of 3%.